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The island is divided into four sections: Topside, Middleside, Bottomside, and Tailside.

The island’s biggest area, which points towards the South China Sea, rises prominently to a large flat area that is called the “Topside”.

The Tailside or Tail End is not a given name, but it is the remaining portion of the island where different memorials, shrines and the island’s airstrip are located. The airfield was operated then by the army, and the navy had a hydroplane base.

Kindley Field was constructed in the early 1920s and named in honor of an early hero of the U. The short runway, cramped and hilly terrain had limited its use.

Middleside is a small plateau that interrupts the upward slope from Bottomside to Topside, and was the location of 2-story officers’ quarters, barracks for the enlisted men, a hospital, quarters for non-commissioned officers, a service club, PX, and two schoolhouses—one for the children of Filipino soldiers and the other for American children.

Bottomside is the lower part of the island and is the neck that connects the tail and head of the island.

On Pentecost Sunday, May 25, 1958, the Very Reverend Dirayr Dervishian, then pastor of St.

James Church in Los Angeles, celebrated the first Divine Liturgy ever held in the San Fernando Valley.

Due to this location, Corregidor was fortified with several coastal artillery and ammunition magazines to defend the entrance of Manila Bay and the City of Manila from attacks by enemy warships in the event of war.On September 22, 1957, registration for the Sunday school began and within a few weeks it became apparent that larger facilities were needed as more than 100 students enrolled.At that time regular Sunday school classes were being held in the Reseda Masonic Temple.South of Bottomside was Barangay or Barrio San José (near what was Navy Beach); on the north is what was Army Dock, with its three large piers, and, east of Bottomside, is the Malinta Tunnel.The Malinta Hill separates Bottomside from the Tail End.

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